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The resources are great. They're informative, stimulating and engaging whilst addressing some really sensitive and important issues in an age related way.

Andrea Parker, Lead Headteacher of Bonneville Primary and Jessop Stockwell Federation Primary Schools

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From a Primary School teacher. Kept anonymous to protect the identity of the children. 

Bought this and had the chance to watch and listen to it earlier this week with my 10 year old daughter. I must say it sparked up a meaningful conversation with her. Purchase came with objectives, scenarios, how to approach before watching and just enabled me to have a deep meaningful conversation with her.  It really helped us speak deep and freely about such a sensitive matter. I even had the chance to hear my daughter’s thoughts on the matter and for who she is, she was very outspoken and loved the song and its message, letting me know “it’s a good song for children who have paedophiles in their surroundings and how it will let them know it’s not right and they have to speak up.” I was so surprised that she used that word!
As a mother with young children, I’m very happy this is available to share with my children to protect them from the dangers and evils that lurk around. I sure wish I had something similar while growing up.
Very good purchase and highly recommend it for parents and people who have children under their care to get a copy. Thanks again for doing this.

Morayo Olasunkanmi, Mother of 3, Founder & CEO of Eli's Haven (a youth centre), Secondary School teacher and Head of Key Stage 3 Maths.

My Granddaughter loves it, every time she comes to my house, she asks for me to play the song and we go through the actions together.

Sharon Townsend, Grandmother 

As the parent of 2 young boys (2 and 4), I'm always on the lookout for activities and resources that provides them with the tools and skills to navigate our rapidly changing world.

They both love music and both the 'Precious and Private' and 'Different but Alike' songs have been on replay in our household.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend any of the Difficult Discussions Easy Songs series to parents, childminders, carers, youth organizations, schools and family members who want to protect and empower our young children.

Taheera Lovell, Mother of 2 and Co-CEO and CISO, The TLC Group

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