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Different But Alike

Teaching children to celebrate our differences and guard against racism.

With everything that is happening in our world, is it really an option not to have the discussion around racism with your child? But it's not easy is it? How about getting them singing, dancing and talking their way into education about the topic without them even realising it! (Ages 4-11 years)

Use the “Different But Alike” fun musical resource, packed with physical activities and discussion points, animated videos, audio tracks and karaoke material as a gentle entry point into discussing issues around race.

Each resource pack contains:

  • children's songs

  • cartoon song videos

  • karaoke videos

  • karaoke song (audio) tracks

  • instrumental (audio) tracks

  • discussion and activity plans packed with physical activities and discussion points, animated videos, audio tracks and karaoke material as a way of very gently discussing issues

  • lyrics

  • guidance to support children to gain tools to try to deal with racism.


(Sample of the Discussion & Activity Plan)

Do we REALLY need to discuss racism with children? It’s better left alone right?

Well... the problem with leaving it alone is that your child might be experiencing it, witnessing it or even engaging in it without knowing. And with everything that’s going on in the world, it might be difficult for them not to notice that everyone are talking it about it so much. So why not talk to your child FIRST in a fun and REALLY light hearted way, using our musical resource?

Everybody’s colour is a beautiful sight!

Use these lyrics and more like it in this fun, light-language musical resource to gently guide your child into discussing racial equality and treating everyone with respect. The resource is packed full of fun physical and discussion activities that can be spread over several conversations or sessions along with animation videos, audio tracks, karaoke tracks and guidance on how to deal with difficult situations. 

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Different But Alike Stills 4.jpg
​“Well, we don’t need that, we already speak to our children about racism, different cultures, etc”... might think. Great! These resources should serve to compliment your great work as fun, effective and affordable bolt ons, not to replace it. These resources have been created with guidance from head teachers, NSPCC material, Show Racism The Red Card, a child trauma expert and are compatible with any safe and appropriate school programme. You’ll be able to use these resources to help what you’re doing so well already. You get to decide exactly how you use the resource. 

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(Excerpt of lyrics)

Note our refund policy: All sales are final, no refunds or exchanges permitted. This does not affect your statutory rights. 

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